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Copywriting & Conversion Techniques That Will Drive Your Sales Through The Roof.

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Copywriting & Conversion Techniques That Will Drive Your Sales Through The Roof

Traffic conversion is the single mostimportant factor to the success of your business.

That is not a question - it is a fact,and I can prove it.

What exactly is conversion?

Conversion is turning lookers into buyers.It is taking visitors and making thempaying customers.

If you don?t have customers - if no onebuys your product or service - thenyour business is a failure.

Evidence: Look at all the \"DotCom\" (somecalled them \'DobBomb\') companies of theearly 2000\'s. Many of them had plenty ofvisitors & offered a great service -but most did not have an effective wayto turn those visitors in to satisfiedpaying customers - so they failed.

FACT: You will fail too if you can\'tconvert.

Sorry, but it is the truth - the pointof business is to exchange a product orservice for money. That is how it hasworked since the Ancient Egyptian days -and the Internet did not change that atall. Everyone - no matter if you areonline or offline - everyone mustconvert their visitors into customers -or they will wind up just like the (down the drain).

But don\'t think that we will not continueto provide great traffic creation tips justlike we always have.

We will always provide 5-10 traffic creationtips. But additionally, we are going to pushthe envelope into the just-as-important areaof traffic conversion, and also give you manydifferent ways you can use your website toconvert those visitors you\'ve worked so hardto get into happy customers.

Think of it this way, your Free traffic TipsNewsletter just got an injection of steroids...and is now even beefier :-)

I would like to share with you someshocking conversion facts that BryanEisenberg recently presented:

FACT: \"50% of Visitors are LOST becausevisitors can\'t easily find content\"- Gartner GroupFACT: \"40% of Repeat Visitors are LOSTfrom negative experience\" - Zona ResearchFACT: \"85% of Visitors ABANDON a newsite due to poor design\" - cPulseFACT: 70% of people who are ready, willingand able to buy online - don\'tcomplete the sale.

Remember that last fact from Lesson 1?(It is unbelievable.) It was that 7 outof every 10 people who have their creditcard out, know what they want to purchaseand want to make the purchase online - CAN\'T!

Think about it. If you can improveyour website\'s conversion rate, you havethe potential to increase your salesby over 233% - without spending anymore money on advertising or workingany harder to draw traffic to your site.

How do you improve conversion on your site?

Just as there are many different waysto increase traffic, there are manydifferent ways to improve conversion.Today we will cover copywriting - whatyour website is saying to every visitor.

What is copywriting and Why is itimportant?

Copywriting is the process of turningwords into cash. Selling your productthrough words.

More specifically, web copywriting isthe process of developing the wordingof websites that sell something.

The job of your website is to:

1) Explain how your product fills thewants & desires of your customer

2) Take the customers order as fast &easily as possible.

The point of copywriting is to clearlycommunicate the value of your product orservice to your visitors. In the offlineworld, a salesperson does this. On a websiteyou are completely dependent on the powerof your words to qualify prospects, giveyour sales pitch, close the sale and takethe order.

Based on the statistics given above (85%of Visitors abandon a new site) - ourwebsites are not doing a very good job.Some people even condone firing yourwebsite. I say: \'don?t fire it, fix it.\'

How do you fix your website\'s sales copy?

As you will learn in future issues ofTrafficology, there are very specificways to engage the reader at a deeperlevel. We will discuss how to becomea better copywriter, and the things youcan do to enhance your copy. But, inthis course we will focus on thebasic fundamentals of copywriting.

The first step in copywriting is tounderstand the wants & desires of thepeople who will buy your product. Youlearned in lesson 2 how to easily find thisinformation with some basic research.

If you did that research when findingkeywords, you can use the same informationhere. If you did not conduct that research,I highly recommend that you review lesson2 and learn exactly how to find thecustomers who will come to your site andwill buy your product. This is thefundamental building block of copywriting -without it you can\'t know for sure whichcustomers to focus your efforts on.

Once we understand the wants & desiresof our visitors, then we need to thinkabout how we can frame our offer.Remember, you are not selling a productwith physical features - you are sellinga solution to a problem that the customeris having. You are not talking aboutthe product specifications - you aretalking about the benefits and how yourproduct fills the wants and desires ofthe visitor.

What we need to do is create a salespresentation that:

1) Grabs the visitors attention with acompelling headline

2) Draws the readers interest by creatinga connection between their problem /desire and your solution

3) Peaks their Desire by making anemotionally compelling & believablecase for your product

4) Motivates the reader to take actionand fill their wants & needs bypurchasing your product or service.

When you write your web copy you need towalk the reader through each of these 4steps. Use what you have learned aboutthe readers to reach their deepest emotionsand compel them to give you money inexchange for your solution to their problem.

Sometimes visitors already know whatthey want and you just need to showthem the order button. Sometimes yourvisitors don?t even know they have aproblem - and you have to explaineverything step-by-step. But, everytime you need to help your visitorsachieve what they really \"want\" - thatright THERE is the point of copywriting andsalesmanship on the web.

In future issues of Trafficology we willexplain each step of the copywritingprocess. We will show you how to writecopy for different types of products &services, and we will also share withyou the best tips from some of thegreatest copywriters ever. Yes, ever.

Online or offline, conversion has beenthe key to business since the beginning oftime. On the web, conversion startswith your copy - it is your website\'ssalesperson. \'Don?t fire it; fix it.\'

I hope this article has helped you, if you would like to recieve more of these tips please visit my websites.

To Your Success

Mark Flavin

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