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Do You Have More Time Than Money.

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Do You Have More Time Than Money

Do You Have More Free Time Than Money? Are You Determined to Make a Living from Home Working Online?

Many of you are looking for free information. You want easy ways to learn how to begin an online business.

You love searching online and are amazed by all the incredible free information out there. If other people claim to be doing so well, working from home, why can't I?

This is the question many of you are asking yourselves?

Did you know it is possible to master the techniques and get an online business up and going without having to spend a huge amount of money?

Did you know that one simple little trick, when searching from a search engine, can narrow your results in an amazing incredible way.

Did you know that you have the power, the tool, to master and uncover the shocking simple secrets that the guru's use to profit so well.

Several years ago, I worked in a sewing factory. I listened to a walkman while I worked. I checked out success motivation tapes from the library and listened to them. This motivated me to go back to college at the age of 35. I graduated with my two year associates degree with the 4th highest gpa of the graduating class. I did this despite the obstacles of being a single parent and having major surgery on my head only two weeks before starting school.

All of the success tapes followed the same basic theme. They just had different ways of getting this message accross. That message is "If you can believe it, you can achieve it." You first have to have a belief in your head as if you have already accomplished what you are setting for your goals.

The same holds true with the principles of online marketing. Everybody is basically promoting the same information. They are taking there own unique approach. The difference of the experts and those not succeeding are the advertising skills they use to get these messages sold.

It is possible to put extra cash in your pockets. The money is being made online. And all the information being sold follows a basic theme. There are free ways to ultimately discover these secrets.

But, it isn't simple, and it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, committment and determination. You also have to learn how to weed out the scams.

YOu need to figure out where to spend the little bit of money you will have set aside to reinvest into your growing business. A good place to start are private forums where all the big time moneymakers share there secrets and help out beginners.

You also need your own domain name. This is a must if you want people to take you seriously. You need it for credibil- ity and trust.

Giving information away freely is a first step as well. What goes around comes around. I truely believe this.

Okay, that simple little trick mentioned above for narrowing a search, is to put quotations around your phrase. Now some of you already do this, I'm sure. There are even instructions telling you not to do this. Many of you will have never uncovered this little discovery. You can also check a box for exact words, instead of any word.

My favorite tool for searching is WebFerret. I get results on the free version and I am always pleased with the list. Depending on my search I can get a tightly targeted keyword list of as few as 19. A popular widely used keyword brings up 500. I have the option to save the list. This list does not contain web page ads and items I don't want cluttering up my hard drive.

Now the real key in searching is to know what terms to use as keywords in your search. You can find these hidden jewels, listed on a website at the push of a button.

There is nothing really scientific about what you need to do to guarantee success as a work from home online business.

Let's say you find an ad for a product you are really enticed to buy. But you tell yourself, you really can't afford to part with your cash, your hard earned money.

Take the author's name, put it in the WebFerret search box, with quotes around it and see what comes up. I learned this while reading an ad. The ad copy suggested it. He said, Go to Google, type in my name and see what you find."

I found ton's of free articles this guy had wrote to promote his business. Do you realize how much of the content in those articles are probably the same content as what is in the ebook he promotes.

This is where the more time than money comes in to play. If you have the time, determination and committment, you can make money selling information online.

Here are more ways:

  1. Subscribe to free ezines.

  2. Find article banks and file info in a folder.

  3. Start collecting links of good free resource sites.

  4. Compare the competition.

  5. Read free e-books, think on how to improve on that topic.

There are many little secrets I have mastered to discover the tricks of the trade for making money online.

All rights reserved. Copyright Laurie Meade 2002

About The Author

Laurie Meade has experience has an Online Ezine Editor. She was Editor in Journalism in college, with an Associate of Arts Degree. Currently she is a WAHM and editor of Yes You Can Free Ezine. Send a blank email to: subscribe@lauriemeade.comVisit her blog at or herwebsite at

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