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E-Love at Easter - Part Two.

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E-Love at Easter - Part Two

The next week was a whirl. The first quarter of the year was ending. The girls worked hard to stay on top of their businesses.

Just for the fun of it, Kiki now chatted regularly online with Dotun, her new e-friend. To his credit, he was actually a lot of fun! And, by some twist of fate, he lived in Surulere, Lagos!

Dotun wanted to meet Kiki in person, but she had refused. Since neither of them had posted or exchanged photographs, Kiki felt safe in near-anonymity. She was certain that taking this any further would ruin things. She couldn?t risk that; she quite liked Dotun.

Deep inside her, she was afraid of the ?Easter jinx?. She let on this much to Arin and Bolu. ?But Dave is a Christian, right?? asked Bolu. ?And so are you. God has not given you the spirit of fear?You have power over all the power of the enemy?You are delivered from the powers of darkness?Come on girl! Do you read your Bible and forget it?!? ?Why don?t you both pray about all this? Arin chipped in. ?There is no jinx Kiki. It?s just a combination of coincidence, and self-fulfilling prophecy. You get what you expect, remember??

?I just don?t want a computerized relationship,? Kiki said quietly, ?One where we L.O.L or R.O.T.F. I want a real, live person.? ?Then meet him in person where you can ?L.O.L. and ?R.O.T.F.? for real!? Arin replied, exasperated. But Kiki was adamant. She would not meet Dotun in person. At least not yet.

It was the end of another weekly goal-setting session. As the girls sat sipping their fruit juice Kiki narrated her ordeal with this ?horrible? client of hers. He was always asking her out ? to his church, for lunch or dinner, to spend the day out?!

Kiki had stated firmly that business was business, and she did not mix business with pleasure. She could hardly wait to finish his copywriting project and be rid of him forever. He had bought her a huge bunch of flowers on Valentine?s Day, and, horror of horrors had sent a duet over to her office to serenade her! Had she been mortified!

?But what exactly don?t you like about him?? asked Arin. ?You say he?s good-looking, a gentleman, a Christian. And he?s financially OK. So what?s the problem?? Becky queried. ?We?re beginning to think you don?t know what you want,? said Arin. ?Actually,? began Kiki, ?I?m beginning to think I would like to meet Dotun.?

?Ha!? cried Bolu. ?At last, some progress!? shouted Arin. ?So what are you planning to do about it?? ?Dotun has asked me to meet him for dinner on Friday night,? replied Kiki, ?and I have accepted. If I feel right about it I?ll ask him to go with me to the Easter celebrations.?

It was Friday night before they knew it. Dotun had chosen a posh restaurant in Victoria Island. He had sent a taxi to pick Kiki up. As she stepped into it, looking ravishingly beautiful, she turned to Bolu and Arin, who had seen her to the taxi. ?Pray for me guys,? she said. Arin assured her she would hear them praying, all the way from V.I.! With that, the taxi sped off.

In just thirty minutes Kiki stepped out at the entrance to The Princess. It was a beautiful place. Dotun certainly had good taste, she thought.Dotun would be sitting at table fourteen. She was to report to the reception on arrival, and be taken to their table.

One quick glance at a wall mirror assured her that she looked just right. She followed the waiter to table fourteen but was greeted by a shocking sight. There seated, looking more dashing than ever, sat her ?horrible client,? Mr D.A.Akande!?Hello Kiki,? he greeting with characteristic style. ?What a coincidence! Are you here to dine?? ?Actually, I am meeting some one. At table fourteen. There must be some mix up,? she heard herself say squeakily.

Sensing her embarrassment, Mr Akande made for the reception. ?Please have a seat,? he said as he left, ?Let me sort this out.?She watched him walk off, secretly admiring his impeccable dress sense. What mind-numbing perfume, she thought!A few minutes later, Mr Akande returned. He sat down gently, taking Kiki?s hand. ?The mix up is not from the restaurant,? he explained. ?I am Dotun A. Akande, and you are Kiki. We?ve been chatting online for three months now.?Kiki fainted!

She came to, finding herself in a hospital bed. ?Where am I?? she asked, before her eyes were fully open. ?You are in safe hands. Don?t you worry; I?ll take care of you.? It was Mr Akande, sitting beside her bed, a look of relief crossing his face.

?Aha! She is back,? boomed another male voice. Kiki turned her head to see a man in hospital whites, obviously a doctor. ?Just a slight shock, nothing serious. Take it easy, and don?t surprise her any more tonight,? said the doctor to Mr Akande with a wink.

?Mr Akande, I am so sorry?,?Kiki began to explain, but he cut her short. ?There is nothing to apologise for. You did nothing wrong. And please call me Dotun.?

They left the hospital and decided on another place to dine, an equally breath taking place on the beach front. Afterwards, as the evening was still young, Dotun and Kiki took their seats on the beach, watching the waves. Kiki apologised again, explaining her fear of ?the Easter jinx.?Dotun assured her there was no jinx. He pleaded with her to give things between them a try. ?From the first moment I saw you, I wanted to get to know you better. The harder you fought me, the more determined I became. Never say ?die? I guess, hmm??

Kiki?s thoughts were far away at her house. She knew exactly what would happen when she recounted the night?s events to her flat mates. They would show her no mercy!

So much for all the resistance she had put up against Mr Akande. And some how, he had always reminded her of Dotun! How like fate to play such tricks on her. Or was this the hand of God?

?L.O.L,? she thought! ?Father in heaven, please have your way.? The look in Dotun?s eyes suggested he would be around well beyond the Easter season. Was this God?s way of telling her that she was never really jinxed?

She imagined Arin and Bolu?s unending torment. Their words at the cyber caf? came back to her. ?Some day you?ll be grateful,? they had said. Tonight she truly was.

They would all be R.O.T.F for a long time to come. Of that she was very sure!

Copyright 2005 Oma Edoja

This work may be reproduced but ONLY AS IS, a sequel to Part One, including author?s name, and full resource box below. Author would appreciate notification of its use via email, detailing where it is used.

Oma Edoja is a published writer, motivational speaker and infopreneur. She writes and speaks on self-help but occasionally writes fiction. Please visit her fiction blog Oma would like to work with interested editors and publishers. Please contact her via her blog.

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