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How To Write E-mail Messages For Phenomenal Results.

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How To Write E-mail Messages For Phenomenal Results

Would you be interested in getting 10 times better results from your current e-mail marketing campaigns?

While the above is a hypothetical figure, it sure got your attention didn?t it?

Though most successful marketers use e-mail marketing as an income-generator, only the ultra successful are truly maximizing their profits with it.

What sets them apart? And more importantly, how can you create profit-pulling solo e-mails that put thousands more into your bank account fast?

It?s no rocket science. You?ve basically got to get your readers excited and give them a reason to respond quickly.

There IS a simple formula to achieve this. It?s nothing revolutionary, in fact it?s?

..the same darn formula for writing good copy!

Look, if you want to experience increased sales from all your e-mail promotions, start writing your solos based on the age-old formula known as?


The basics of copywriting must be applied anywhere words are used to gather responses, especially in your e-mails.

Here?s a quick look at how you can structure your messages using AIDA as a guide:

1. A - Attention

Create subject lines that get your e-mails opened. Think of this as the headline of your ad as any good copywriter would tell you.

Grab the attention of your rea.ders by using curosity, fear, happiness etc.

An example : ?Have you heard about??

Heard about what? They?ll want to find out?

Extend such attention-grabbers to the first sentence or paragraph of your message body to encourage further reading?

2. I - Interest

Once you?ve got their attention, it?s time to get them interested in your message.

An easy way to do this is to simply highlight or ?create a problem? they may be experiencing. This puts them on alert and peaks their interest.

For instance, you could highlight the pains of how getting hundreds of spams daily could affect their business, and how there?re no good solutions in sight?

3. D - Desire

The ?desire? section of your message is where you introduce your proposed ?solution? to the problem stated.

Fact is, people need solutions to problems. To be an ultra-successful e-mail marketer, your job is simply to give them what they want!

4. A - Action

Getting your rea.ders to take positive action, to act on your message, is probably the most important part of your entire campaign.

But a high response rate is only possible if you?ve created the flow of Attention, Interest and Desire successfully.

To encourage immediate action, you should tie a specific deadline or give ?scarcity? to the solution you?re offering. For example, a 40% discount for the next 2 days only. Let them know that if they miss this dea.dline, the discount would end and they would have to pay a higher price for the same solution.

Here's another tip to squeeze more mileage from all your e-mail promotions:

Use the AIDA formula today in all your e-mail campaigns, you?ll love the phenomenal results and extra profits from doing so!

Copyright 2004 Ewen Chia

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Ewen Chia is a successful information publisher and Internet marketer who spits out marketing secrets with fiery passion! Learn how you can instantly get more traffic, sales and increase your profits by visting his various websites here:

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