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Internet Promotion: 10 Incredible, Intriguing Ways To Increase Your Profits.

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Internet Promotion: 10 Incredible, Intriguing Ways To Increase Your Profits

Are you making money from your website?

Will you like to increase your profits?

If yes, then pay a close attention buddy.

Have I got good internet promotion secret news for you?

1. Create benefit intensifiers for your list of ad copybenefits. Example, The Benefit: "Save More Time",The Benefit's Intensifier: "Never Seen Before".

2. Use a little humor in your ad copy. It could be thelittle extra motive you need to close a sale. Peopleare usually persuaded easier if they're in a good mood.

3. Ask your visitors questions that induce thoughts,feelings, memories and emotions that will influencethem to buy.

4. Tell your visitors what their friends or familywill probably think when they buy your product.People care about what other people think of them.

5. Use blue, underlined text links. People have beenbranded that blue, underlined text are links. You donot want to lose visitors by using a different color.

6. Consider outsourcing part of your work load to avirtual assistant. You won't have to pay the extraemployee costs and you can save precious time.

7. Increase your traffic by holding a free teleclass.You can refer people to your web site for moreinformation.

8. Add an extra profit stream by selling the reprintrights to your web site content. It could be articles,e-books, reports, etc.

9. Spy on your competitors by buying their products.You'll find out about their customer service, followup marketing, up sell offers, etc.

10. Allow your visitors to assume you are a largecorporation. Use professional web design, graphics,content, customer service, etc.

May these internet promotion secrets help you to make a lot of money.


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