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Internet Web Site Marketing: 4 Uncommon Insider??s Tricks To Get Lifetime Customers.

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Internet Web Site Marketing: 4 Uncommon Insider??s Tricks To Get Lifetime Customers

Internet advertising is not easy.

It is a numbers game.

The more traffics and hits you get at your sites,the more you?re most likely to generate sales.

But you?ll always have more people that don?t buy than who buy.

There may be many reasons why they have not bought which may be because of your price, payment options, or any other possible reason.

You don?t have to watch as you keep losing all these potential lifetime customers.

There are a couple of savvy internet web site marketing secrets that you can use to minimize the loss of these prospects.

(1) One way is to accept barter offers for your product.Maybe the person can't afford to buy your product.They may have something you could use in yourbusiness or personal life. If the barter deal isn't fairenough, either of you could add in some cash. Youmay not make money but, they might buy otherproducts you offer.

(2) Another way is to include a negotiation offer at theend of your ad copy. Tell your reader if there issomething they don't like about your offer, theycould contact you and negotiate a different buyingoffer. They may not like your price, guarantee,shipping methods, payment options, etc. You cangain a potential lifetime customer by being flexiblewith your offer and negotiating instead of loosingthem.

(3) A simple way to attract lifetime customers wouldbe to give people a freebie. The freebie should berelated to the other products or services you sell.You may not be getting paid for the freebie, butyou will get a lot more people using one of yourproducts because it is free. If they are impressedby your free product there is a high chance they'llbuy your other products in the future.

(4) The last way is to sell your product at the price itcosts you to produce or buy it. You will usuallysell more products at a lower price than yourcompetition which equals more potential lifetimecustomers. You will break even in cost but you'llmake your profit from the upsell and backendproducts your sell your lifetime customers.

May these internet web site marketing secrets help you to make a lot of money.


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