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Mortgage Marketing - How to Write a Mortgage Marketing Sales Letter That Gets Results!.

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Mortgage Marketing - How to Write a Mortgage Marketing Sales Letter That Gets Results!

Have you ever sat down to write a sales letter and been at a complete loss where to start? It happens to all of us.

Sales letters are hard to write. And writing a good one takes a lot of time, research and effort. But?a good letter will make you money.

The best place to start is with research. You want to know everything you can about the product or products you?re selling. At this point you?re interested in specific information.

The details are vital. You want to understand and be able to clearly and thoroughly describe every aspect of the program you?re writing for.

Print your notes on a few sheets of paper so you have them when you?re ready to begin writing.

Next you want to do some research on your target market. Again the specifics are important.

Start by defining the characteristics of the typical prospect who would benefit most from your product. Be as thorough as possible.

What problem will your product solve for your client? Get inside their head. See the whole loan process from their point of view. Constantly ask ?why would they want to do this??

Make another few pages of notes.

Your first set of notes are features. They?re what your product does. The second set of notes are benefits. They?re the reason the prospect will decide to buy or not.

Now you?re ready to write. Start with the headline. The best place to look for the theme of your headline is in your benefits notes.

What is the most compelling reason to buy your product? State it in writing as clearly as you can. You have a headline. Now, here?s the important part, write another 50 headlines about the same benefit.

Set that aside and start writing your letter with your lead. Your lead should build on and restate the theme of your headline. Focus on the benefit to the prospect.

Next, you want to back up your strong statement of benefit with details about why your product will lead to such a benefit. State the features that support the statement of benefit.

For the rest of your letter you want to weave the benefits together with supporting features. Restate your core benefit often and in a variety of ways. After every statement of benefit tell your prospect why you can deliver on your promise.

You have your rough draft. Now you need to select the best three headlines you have and start asking people in your office which one is better. Use the one that wins.

Now it?s time to re-write your letter. You should do this several times. Make your letter sound like your talking to a favorite uncle and explaining why your product will be so good for him.

Respect your client. Don?t ever talk down to them. Answer every question they might have. Don?t be afraid to go long ? long copy sells better.

Happy Writing.

David A. Wells, owner of and author of The Millionaire Mortgage Broker's Marketing Manual, is a mortgage marketing expert who helps mortgage brokers succeed. He can be reached at

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