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Silicon Valley Pirates ?? Take Some Ideas And Make Your Self Different To Earn More.

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Silicon Valley Pirates ?? Take Some Ideas And Make Your Self Different To Earn More

Do you want to start a home-based business? Read this article first, you might find it useful.

We all know the names Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, but do you really know the story behind them? Well, guess what movie I just saw? It's a movie entitled ?Pirates of Silicon Valley?.

I am not going to tell you the whole story, but the movie was all about Apple and Microsoft. How they started and how they became rich!

The most interesting part of the movie was about the idea of copying, or should I say pirating another programmer?s or company?s idea.

My point is that although copying a piece of software, an article, a design or even a logo might be illegal, it is not illegal to take some ideas out from existing ones and make new ones out of them.

Let?s take a website as an example. You want to own a home-based business, but don?t know where to start. So why not go to your favorite search engine and start searching for sites on the fields that you are good at.

Let?s just say you love to write. Search for the keywords 'writing', 'copywriting' and all other keywords related to writing. I know you will get thousands of results but you don?t have to go through all of them, just pick the ones that best suit you.

Go over the sites you picked. Surf around each site?s services/offers pages and try to gather some answers these questions: what are their similarities, how do they earn, what do they offer, what are the rates, are they offering tangible products too, how do they present their services, what are they doing to attract customers, etc?

There are lots of questions to answer but as soon as you have answered the ones you need in order to start, then you?re set.

Analyze the data you?ve gathered and try to think of a good idea that will make your site/service different.

Jump-start your project, never waste precious time because you?re not alone in this quest. If you don?t have any ideas about the technicalities, outsource someone to do it for you.

You can visit or you can register a buyer account at

Always remember to make yourself different and try to catch users? attention, make something that they will like and find useful.

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