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Web Site Promotion: 10 Super Charged Secrets To Suck Up Orders Like A Vacuum Cleaner.

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Web Site Promotion: 10 Super Charged Secrets To Suck Up Orders Like A Vacuum Cleaner

If your website is not generating a lot of salesfast enough, don?t give up.

Cheer up, because I will help you ignite your sales.

Below are some magical ways to accomplish this:

1. Increase the number of visitors that revisit yourweb site by publishing a free course right on yoursite. Just release a new lesson once a week.

2. Make sure your graphics load correctly on yourweb site. Broken graphics will make your businesslook very unprofessional.

3. Avoid using scrolling marquees on your web site.They take the attention away from your ad copyand make your web page load slower.

4. Make your web site writing exciting to read. Youcan use emotional words, descriptive adjectives,highlight keywords with color, etc.

5. Remember to reach out and touch your visitorsoffline. When your visitors give you offline contactinformation use it to send them some direct mail.

6. Use guest books to improve your web site. Yourvisitors will leave good and bad comments. Reviewthe comments and use them to improve your site.

7. Regularly check and resubmit your web site'ssearch engine rankings. They can drop very quicklybecause of all the competition.

8. Divide your price over a period of time to makeit sound less. Offer a payment plan or show the perday price. For example, "Only 33 cents per day!"

9. Promote your products within the content of yourweb site. If you write and offer free articles tie ina mention of the product or service you're selling.

10. Update the content on your web site regularly.You'll want to add new content and update the oldcontent.


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