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The Truth About Why People Search!
Why do people search on search engines? Let?s confess this seems like a basic question, right? People search because they are looking for something. Complicating that question are these questions. For what are they looking? Why are they searching? What compels them to act? Plus, how does all of this relate to Internet and pay-per-click marketing? Let's discover the truth about why people search!
Understanding Google AdWords
Google AdWords provide an inexpensive advertising venue for businesses to advertise products or services to a targeted audience. Advertisers have the ability to control their budget, target their advertising based on keywords. Advertisers are also free to determine the ad contents.
5 Print Ad Essentials!
Writing an effective print ad, particularly a classified advertisement, requires that you remember five essential points. Failure to implement these points correctly can cost you much in the way of time lost and a sale missed.
Long Copy Sales Letters on the Web: Hype or Not?
We have all seen those web pages that are about twenty screens long and overflowing with hype. Do they work? Yes, they do. But you can acheive results that are just as good...and retain your credibility...with a different approach to long copy sales letters online.
Discover the Art of the Pay-per-Click Start (Round 1 of 2)
Setting up a paid search campaign using Overture and Google Adwords is quick and simple, right? Many clients tell me that it took them less than three hours to setup a campaign and have visitors streaming to their websites. Then I asked about performance - you know, turning website visitors into leads and sales. Suddenly there is silence. Have you heard the saying ??if it sounds too good to be true it probably is???
Silicon Valley Pirates ?? Take Some Ideas And Make Your Self Different To Earn More
Do you want to start a home-based business? Read this article first, you might find it useful. We all know the names Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, but do you really know the story behind them? Well, guess what movie I just saw? It's a movie entitled ??Pirates of Silicon Valley??. I am not going to tell you the whole story, but the movie was all about Apple and Microsoft. How they started and how they became rich!
How to Write Ads that Increase Your Business
McDonald's, Nike and Coke know how to MAKE advertising a wise investment because they know how to make it work. Learn how to create eye catching headlines and how to write the kind of ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer. If you want to create advertising that brings in more customers, you have to learn how the pros have been doing it.
Why Outsourcing Could Be The Best Thing You Do For Your Business
More and more small businesses are outsourcing work to freelance professionals. Here's why:
Keeping It Real: The Only Copywriting Trick That Works
Much of today's accepted copywriting wisdom comes from old books written for a different, quieter world. For most of the twentieth century, widely promoting a successful message was expensive and dif...
20 Sure-Fire Ways To Get People To Link To Your Web Site
Here's some simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to get people to link to your web site.

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